Why Every Business Need to Focus on Local SEO?

//Why Every Business Need to Focus on Local SEO?

Why Every Business Need to Focus on Local SEO?

Why Every Business Need to Focus on Local SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in enhancing your website’s chances of getting higher up in major search engine rankings. But when you think about SEO, you cannot stop talking about local SEO as it is one of the talking points in the industry right now. Just remember when was the last time you checked on your mobile phone about the contact number of a florist or a car wash service nearby. Yes, you can remember doing a lot of local searches in the past few weeks. And similarly many people are making local searches constantly looking for something that is available to them locally. Hence local seo is a must have strategy for your business.

Generates More Traffic

Users mostly don’t go past the first page of search results and with a good local page SEO strategy, you’ve more chances of landing up on the first page. Local SEO helps to target your local audience with specific keywords and helps to generate a lot of local traffic to your website.

Guaranteed Buys

According to a recent statistic that more than 50% of users who do a local search are guaranteed to land at the local store with a couple of days. Local Seo helps your website visible to your local audience and can lead to in-store visits and purchases.

Offline Sales

Local searches not only benefit online sales, but if handled well can increase your offline sales to a great extent. A recent customer survey report clarifies that around 70-80% of local searches ended up in offline purchases. Hence, even if your website is into online sales, if you concentrate more on local SEO for your website there is a great chance of attracting visitors for making offline purchases and converting them into loyal customers.

Google’s Local-3 Pack

Have you seen the local listings in the Google Search page? Yes the one below the map listing 3 items relevant to the search with contact details and address of the facilities. Imagine ending up in that top-3 listing and you could have hit the jackpot. It’s called the local-3 pack and a spot in that listing is what most businesses are after as almost 40-45% of people who performed a local search end up clicking any one of the links from the local-3 pack. With proper planning and implementation of a targeted local SEO strategy, you can surely place your business in the local-3 pack one day.

How Local SEO Impacts Your Business?

If you run a small business website and if you are keen to promote your business and want to generate a lot of traffic an boost your sales, then you surely need to concentrate more of your efforts on local SEO. It can help you to:

• Make your business discovered by more customers
• Will allow you to attract customers with specific information about your business. Say for example, a pet-friendly approach can lead to more foot-falls into your store
• Will allow you to take your business to the next level
• Build your customer base etc.

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