Why Social Media Marketing is important for Your Business

//Why Social Media Marketing is important for Your Business

Why Social Media Marketing is important for Your Business

Why Social Media Marketing is important for Your Business

Ten years back, SEO strategy was mostly centred on link building and keywords. But Google has updated its algorithms and devised many methodologies to measure the value and popularity of your website and social media plays an important role in that. So, let’s look at the top 6 reasons why you need to include Social media in your SEO strategy:

1. Better Late than Never

It is imperative for any business to embrace social media because your consumers have already taken into social media and hence you need to be there to interact with them or else you will be losing a major chunk of your consumers. According to a recent research, people spend 25% of their time on social media of their overall internet time in a day. YouTube influences around 36% of all consumers in making their decisions and 93% of consumers feel that social media presence is a must for every company.

2. Social Media – Treasure House of Leads

There is no denial that social media produces some of the highest quality leads. According to a recent research from one of the top most research and marketing company, MarketingSherpa, that social media doesn’t directly provide you with leads but plays a major role in converting normal leads into high-quality leads and also helps in transforming the leads into potential customers. It is probably true because, social media is not restricted to link building and lead generation, but more than that. But when you provide genuine details and interact more with the customers, there is every chance that people would take notice of your brand and turn themselves into potential customers.

3. Listen to the Voices

Years back, marketing and intelligence gathering about consumer behavior was mainly done by conducting costly surveys and polls. But with the advent of social media, there is no need for physical surveys and polls as you can generate a survey online in 5 minutes and share in your company social media page. Your consumers may respond to it with their opinions. People also talk a lot about your products and services in various social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social forums out there. To really understand the pulse of the customer, all you need is just listen to the voices in the social media and alter your strategy accordingly.

4. Social Networking – Key to Improving Your Business

Social media is not only about finding potential customers but also a great platform to meet like- minded people, business partners and investors. Social networking channels like LinkedIn plays a vital role in people networking and to improve your business in a bug way. These social media channels also provide opportunities to find business offers and if you are capable of doing only a partial work of the whole task, the same social channels help you in finding like-minded solution providers and together win the deal and complete the project successfully. Also, you won’t have much difficulty to find about the background of that person, as he may have an established profile on LinkedIn and other channels.

5. Social Media is your New PR

Whether you accept it or not, but Social media is your new PR. Yes nowadays, Journalists depend more on social media than wire services. According to a recent survey, that almost 75% of journalists use social media as their major source of inspiration and research. A great PR campaign is all about building a relationship with journalists and news editors, and social media is the way people are achieving this with ease. If you don’t embrace social media for your PR activities then you are PR campaign may not be not effective as it should be.

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